July 20 Misc Gallery Update

Don’t you love finding new things? Or better versions of things you already had? This is what this update is about: new photoshoots, better quality of others, magazines, promos…

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nicollette nicollette nicollette nicollette nicollette
Photoshoot 007
Photoshoot 008
Photoshoot 058
New York Dog Magazine
Westlake Today
Rachael Ray Show
The Sure Thing – Stills
Paper Dolls – Stills
Dead Husbands – Promos
Knots Landing – Promos
Knots Landing – Stills

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When I (finally) found my Paper Dolls videos, I was sure there was something missing because the final events on the premiere didn’t match the outcome on the next episode. Thanks to here!tv I was able to watch what I was missing. Nicollette was only a few scenes but probably her best in the whole short run of the show.
Click on the thumbnails to enjoy the captures of said scenes.

nicollette nicollette nicollette nicollette

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July 12 1984-1990 Photoshoots

Let me start saying I’m really proud of Spain for winning last night the World Cup. And if today wasn’t good enough just for that, I run into some old photoshoots and better quality images of one from 2004.

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nic nic nic nic nic
Set 032
Set 049
Set 050
Set 051
Set 052
Set 053
Set 054
Set 055
Set 056
Set 057

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While I work on more 2006 events and more captures, here are pictures of Nicollette in the 80′s

nicollette nicollette nicollette
Set 001
Set 048
Entertaiment Weekly 1989

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Nicollette will be playing at Steve Garvey’s ALS benefit Celebrity Softball Classic & Family Fun Festival on July 10 at Pepperdine University, in Malibu.

nicolletteWhen Joey Herrick, president of Natural Balance Pet Foods Inc., called Garvey to coach the Little League team last year and mentioned ALS, Garvey didn’t hesitate.

“He wanted to put a celebrity softball game together, and that’s turned out to be a great thing,” Herrick said. “That was his idea. Steve’s been so great. He’s into giving back and helping kids. I’m just a guy that said, `Hey, you don’t know me, but how would you like to coach my son’s 13-year-old team?’ He said he’d love to do it.”


Garvey has enlisted the help of his friends like Pete Rose, Tommy Lasorda and Maury Wills to help out. Jose Canseco, who wants to pitch, is scheduled to play in the celebrity softball game, as are actress Nicolette Sheridan, actor James Denton and others. Garvey, Ron Cey and Bill Russell – part of the longest-running infield in Major League history – will be together again, too. Davey Lopes is the only one who can’t make it; he’s first-base coach for Philadelphia.


Learn more here and here

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Bleacher Report has made a list with the 10 hottest women to throw the ceremonial pitch for Los Angeles Dodgers and Nicollette has made it to number 5, before Kim Kardashian, Eve Torres or Shawn Johnson; Emmanuelle Chriqui tops the list.

nicolletteAt 46 years old, Nicolette Sheridan is the oldest hottie to appear on the list.

Sheridan is is perhaps best known for her roles in the American television series Knots Landing and Desperate Housewives.

It is unknown what motive Nicolette had in wearing her sexy “I Love Joe Torre” halter top, but when jokingly asked about it at a post game press chat, the Dodger manager had no comment.


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June 19 One Year Online!

It’s been a long way, but NSN celebrates its first anniversary today; June 19, 2010.
More than 21,000 visits, over 15,000 images on the gallery viewed more than 50,000 times in just 365 days. I’m really grateful for that. During this year, we’ve gone through good (the news of the pilot) and bad (the pilot not being picked up and the much talked about lawsuit) things but we’re still here supporting Nicollette.

Now the website features two beautiful layouts using Paper Dolls (the site, made by Jennifer) and Knots Landing (the gallery, made by Kevin) images to remember her early projects.
I also have a new twitter layout and profile picture on @ns_network. If you’re not following, do it to never miss an update and we can share opinions on everything Nicollette and not-Nicollette related.

I hope we can celebrate more birthdays and with more great news. Right now, the news I’d love to give is Noah’s Ark will be finally released after being more than 2 years on post-production.
The goal I want to achieve with this website is to be the place where everybody comes to know about Nicollette’s career, but that will only be able thanks to YOU.

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As if any of you didn’t know already, this is going to get ugly. But I’m Team Nicollette for several reasons: you don’t file a lawsuit about something that serious without any proof to back you up, you go to the press even if it’s true; and being something as serious as (gender) violence, why hasn’t she been sued for false accusations?
I am 99% sure wrongful termination is indeed, just like it’s happening now for Criminal Minds actresses, “creative reasons” are a lame excuse to fire someone. And the way everything happened (rushed dead, recycled “farewell” episode, JUST TV Guide interview, no talk shows to promote her last episode…). And remember back in 2008, there were reports of Marc hitting Nicollette… Now tell me, there’s nothing fishy here.

After months of silence and rumors of a settlement, ABC has begun fighting back against former “Desperate Housewives” star Nicollette Sheridan’s lawsuit against former boss Marc Cherry.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, ABC has hired on high-profile employee litigation specialist, Adam Levin. Levin is best known for successfully defending Warner Bros. Television against a harassment suit from a former “Friends” writer’s assistant.

“We intend to delve into the merits of her claims, all of which we strenuously dispute,” Levin told the publication.

Apparently, he hasn’t wasted any time. Levin has already requested private documents from Sheridan’s reps surrounding her alleged assault. He also seeks to depose her on tape as early as August.

Additionally, ABC is requesting documents and information from Sheridan’s agents at Innovative Artists and Don Buchwald & Associates, and publicity company BWR, among others. They’re also seeking documents for medical records revolving around Sheridan’s assault claim.

Sheridan filed her lawsuit in April in Los Angeles Superior Court. She is suing Cherry for assault and battery, gender violence and wrongful termination and seeks more than $20 million in damages.


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I’m only going to add (even if I have said it many times before) that there is NO excuse for violence.

LOS ANGELES (Hollywood Reporter) – Fired “Desperate Housewives” co-star Nicollette Sheridan has updated her lawsuit against series creator Marc Cherry and ABC, alleging for the first time that the network investigated her claim of physical abuse on the set and told her that it was merely a “light tap on the side of the head.”

Sheridan’s lawyers have quietly filed an amended complaint in her $20 million, seven-count lawsuit for wrongful termination, assault and battery, and discrimination. While it nearly mirrors the original (some language has been cleaned up and a few of the claims are more clearly stated), two interesting paragraphs have been added.

In the wake of Sheridan’s bombshell April 5 lawsuit alleging that Cherry struck her on the “Housewives” set and engaged in a pattern of abusive behavior, ABC said only that “we investigated similar claims last year by Ms. Sheridan and found them to be without merit.” At the time, Cherry and ABC executives reportedly told people the “incident” was merely Cherry rehearsing a scene with Sheridan involving a slap.

Now Sheridan confirms that was exactly ABC’s excuse to her. She also says she was told to go back to work and finish the season “in the spirit of professionalism” but was instead unprofessionally terminated two months later and forced to put on a happy face for the press.

Here are the two paragraphs added the amended lawsuit:

  • In December 2008, Sheridan was informed that ABC had fully investigated her complaint and had concluded that she was not mistreated. In fact, the Executive Vice President of ABC Studios, Howard Davine, claimed that “Marc (Cherry) simply gave her a light tap on the side of her head for the sole purpose of providing direction for a scene they were rehearsing.” With that, ABC decided to take no further action and closed the investigation, informing Sheridan that “we will finish off the season in the spirit of professionalism and courtesy that has been the normal course for Desperate Housewives.”
  • However, rather than a season of “professionalism and courtesy,” Sheridan was informed in February 2009 that her employment on the Show was going to be terminated and that her character, Edie Britt, was being killed off the Show. She was to film her final episode the last week of February 2009 and first week of March. Sheridan was given a strict publicity plan to follow to “break the story” that her character Edie Britt was leaving the Show.

Why did Sheridan’s lawyers amend the complaint to add two paragraphs claiming ABC looked into the claim and found it meritless? Neither Sheridan’s deal lawyer Neil Meyer nor her litigators Mark Baute and Patrick Maloney returned calls. ABC declined to comment on the amended complaint, filed May 20 in Los Angeles Superior Court.


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While the article is made as some sort of joke, if it’s true Paramount is planning to do a remake, could be a nice oportunity for Nicollette to recall her Knots Landing days and for us to see her again.

soapdishWe all remember where we were when we first saw the star-studded 1991 comedy Soapdish. Okay, maybe we don’t. I personally do remember seeing it but all I recall is the scene where Sally Field’s insecure aging soap diva went out to a mall just so she could be recognized and fawned over by adoring fans. This idea was fresh and funny at the time. Now it seems like your average episode of TMZ.


Producer Rob Reiner is in the mix, which seems like kind of an un-soapy choice, but he is involved with the marriage equality fight in California, so if he wants to go campy, I’m sure he’s got a Blackberry full of gay brains to pick.

Casting-wise, might I suggest Desperate Housewives refugee Nicolette Sheridan, who is embroiled in a lawsuit against ABC and DH creator lets-do-the-soapdish-again Marc Cherry.


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