November 30 Version 2.5

It took me a little longer than I expected but it’s finally done. The site now it’s fully operated with WordPress. Easier and securer. Now you can comment on the actual news.

I think I moved everything, but if you run into an error, let me know and I’ll fix it.

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Screencaptures for three more episodes of Paper Dolls had been added to the gallery. Now there are over 3300 images hosted here and lots more are coming.

nicollette nicollette nicollette
Episode 1.04
Episode 1.05
Episode 1.06

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November 24 Gallery Maintenance Is Over

I finally finished with the gallery work I was doing. But I’m planning more changes on the site, not sure when they’ll happen yet.

I haven’t added new albums, but make sure you check them out because there are new pictures in almost all the 2009 events as well as on photoshoots.


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November 21 Happy 46th Birthday, Nic

Today is a special day for our lady, it’s her birthday and carrying it on with my little tradition, here’s a little card I made.

nicollette sheridan

I hope she has a great day with all her friends and family.

Happy birthday Nicollette!

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November 20 Site News

I have updated the F.A.Q. section of the site, please make sure you read it because by entering the website you agree with those terms mainly stated on the last question.

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November 19 Noah’s Ark Gets Pushed

It’s no big surprise for anyone since the year it’s almost over and Noah’s Ark: The New Beginning still has no release date. But as of November 15th, year of release was pushed til 2010.

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I’ve been wondering if I should post this or not, as I don’t like posting things concering Nicollette’s personal life. But this is just too sweet I need to share it.

The worst thing about the end of the relationship (with Sheridan) was losing your best friend in the world and your closest confidante.

It’s a cliche, but I just want Nicollette to be happy. You want the heat, the magic, the connection on every level, but ultimately it’s the bond of deepest friendship that’s the most powerful aspect to any relationship.

This is only a part of the article, you can read the rest here.

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November 17 Paper Dolls Screencaptures

This is the thing I’ve been working on lately. Screencaptures from Paper Dolls. It took me a while to find the videos and for what I’ve seen, it feels the second half of the pilot is missing, but better that than nothing.

Even if the show didn’t work out the first time around, I wish they’d do a remake (now it’s so trendy) because I can see Taryn running her own agency alas Racine.

nicollette nicollette nicollette
Episode 1.01
Episode 1.02
Episode 1.03

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November 14 Promos And Stills

I come today with a little treat for all the troubles this maintenance might be causing you.
Now you can enjoy an outtake from the promotional picture of Desperate Housewives season 1, a new still image of Code Name: The Cleaner and new images I didn’t add til now.

nicollette nicollette nicollette
nicollette nicollette nicollette
nicollette nicollette nicollette
Desperate Housewives
Code Name: The Cleaner
Lucky Chances
Knots Landing
Haven’t We Met Before
Karate Dog
Lost Treasure
Noises Off…
Murder In My Mind

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November 13 Twitter

I’ve finally created a twitter for the website so you can follow the updates there too.
Hope you also like the background I created for it.

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