August 11 Keeping It Green

‘Honeymoon For One’ star has an eco-friendly home and a Hallmark movie with a conservation message.

“I’m always conscious of the types of products I use to clean my home. I use environmentally safe cleaning products to make sure they don’t harm the planet,” says Nicollette Sheridan. “I’m plagued by the fact that people use plastic products and throw them away and don’t recycle. I recycle and also use glass along with other reusable items like a stainless steel canteen.”
On Aug. 13, Sheridan stars in the Hallmark Channel movie “Honeymoon For One,” playing a workaholic ad exec who finds out her fiancée cheated and calls off the wedding but decides to take the honeymoon alone. She meets a man (Greg Wise) who’s trying to protect the beautiful Irish countryside from developers.
Shooting on location in Ireland was a draw for Sheridan, who plays a city girl but in reality has a passionate love of nature. Riding horses since she was three in her native London, she rides every day when she’s not working. “It really is sort of my peace and my serenity when I’m out with the horses and my dog. You know, you have a responsibility when you have animals. They need to be exercised, just like we do, so I get out there as often as I can. I think it’s very important to be able to take in your surroundings and breathe the fresh air and appreciate the beauty of nature,” she continues. “It’s very grounding and very centering.”
The fact that the role is a departure from the character she played on “Desperate Housewives,” the scheming, predatory Edie Britt, was “part of the allure” for Sheridan, as was playing a woman who “struggles with her immersion in the business world and her lack of paying attention to her needs, her sense of self, and her relationship.” In real life, Sheridan has a better handle on that balance. “I really try to take one day at a time and enjoy the moments,” she says. “I have a life outside of work.”
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I’ve uploaded pictures of Nicollette going to the taping of the Today Show and during her interview on Access Hollywood.

Today Show
Access Hollywood

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Variety reports Nicollette is part of the large cast of indie movie Jewtopia; starring Ivan Sergei, Jennifer Love Hewitt and David Joel Moore, alongside Tom Arnold, Jon Lovitz, Jamie-Lynn Sigler, Rita Wilson, Wendie Malick, Camryn Manheim, Peter Stormare, Lin Shaye, Christine Lakin, Hayes MacArthur, Bree Turner and Everybody Loves Raymond creator Phil Rosenthal.

The movie is based on a book and an Off-Broadway play written by Bryan Fogel (who will also direct) and Sam Wolfson.

Described as a cross between Wedding Crashers and My Big Fat Greek Wedding, indie pic follows two childhood best friends who reunite as adults when one asks the other to help him pretend to be Jewish so he can romance a woman.

Sergei will play Christian O’Connell, a gentile plumber who poses as a Jewish doctor in order to land a Jewish girlfriend who’ll make all his decisions for him.

Hewitt will play Alison Marks, the object of Christian’s affection, who meets him during a singles mixer at temple.

Jewtopia opened in Los Angeles in May 2003 and, after 17 weeks, became the longest-running original comedy in the history of L.A. theater. Show opened off-Broadway in Sept. 2004 and is one of the three most successful off-Broadway productions of the last decade, along with Blue Man Group and Stomp.

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As you already know, Nicollette is in New York doing some promo for Honeymoon For One, that premieres this Saturday. She was on NBC’s The Today Show with Kathie Lee and Billy Bush (filling in for Hoda Kotb).

On the video below you can see her talking about the movie, costar Greg Wise and making accents. There’s also a quick mention about saving the environment. And not being before in Ireland nor Scotland.

She also talks about her horse accident in January. She was lunging her horse and he bolted. She grabbed the rope and flew 20 feet and snapped her finger off in the landing. OUCH!

And of course, the obvious Desperate  Housewives question that was previously addressed here.

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August 8 She Won’t Be Back

nicolletteNicollette stopped this morning on Today Show’ Kathie Lee & Hoda (with Billy Bush filling in for Hoda) and said “That’s news to me” when asked about Cherry’s plans of bringing her back for the finale of ‘Desperate Housewives‘.

Bush pushed asking “If asked, would you come back?”

“I had an amazing time playing that character. I loved her dearly, but they killed her! She’s dead,” was her answer.

Bush mentioned she could be on a flashback or it’d be a dream she died.

“Is this turning into a daytime soap opera?” Sheridan deadpanned.

“In other words, she’s saying no!” said Gifford.


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Unless it is in the form of flashbacks (Brenda Strong has promised more flashbacks with her character), we know it isn’t possible that Edie comes back. And we’re all also aware of the off-screen drama going on but today at the ABC’s Television Critic Association Summer Press Tour, Cherry talked about his plans for the very last episode of the show.

As for specifics about the final season, Cherry hinted we may not have seen the last of Nicollette Sheridan’s Edie. “I don’t know how I would do that but I have an idea for the last episode in which I want to [pay] homage to everyone that’s been there before, you know, who’s been on the show, so we’ll see what happens with that.”

Do you think Marc will include Nicollette on the homage? Should she accept the invitation if offered?
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Not all actresses would be thrilled at the prospect of a role that’s mostly shot outdoors in the countryside and requires wearing sturdy boots, riding a horse and falling over — more than once.

But for Nicollette Sheridan, those were the things that attracted her to her latest TV movie (OK, maybe not the falling over part, but the rest of it).

“I just love the romance of the Irish countryside,” Sheridan says. “We were actually in Dublin, and then we’d go out 45 minutes to an hour away from our main hub and shoot at the beautiful castles and the countryside, the forests and the water holes.

“We were on location the entire time.”

In “Honeymoon for One,” premiering Saturday, Aug. 13, on Hallmark Channel, Sheridan plays Eve Parker, a Los Angeles advertising executive who finds her comfortable world upended when her handsome fiance, Greg (Patrick Baladi), turns out to be a cad.

Having already spent the money on a honeymoon, Eve decides to head off on her own to an Irish castle that her now-ex-fiance’s company plans to turn into a golf course. Left without her suitcase of shoes, Eve heads out for a stroll in inappropriate yet stylish footwear and runs into the estate’s manager, rugged outdoorsman Sean (Greg Wise), who has a precocious daughter, Kathleen (Katie Bannon).

Just about as soon as Eve decides to give her Irish fling a whirl, Greg shows up with plans both business and matrimonial. Eve then must decide whether to return to her old life or risk it all for the possibility of a new one.

“I was attracted to Eve’s struggle with her immersion in the business world,” says Sheridan, “and the blinders she had on to the importance of self and being present and life and relationships. Sometimes it takes something traumatic to change.

“I find that people get stuck in familiarity, be it negative or positive, and there’s so much out there. It’s at your fingertips if you just open your eyes and heart and walk through your fears. That applies to all of us.

“I like that Eve leaves her comfort zone at work, which she hides behind, and ultimately finds deeper meaning to life.”

The story line called for Eve to hop aboard a horse for the first time and wind up galloping out of control across the countryside. For accomplished rider Sheridan, this was a bit of a challenge.

“I have four horses,” she says. “I’ve had horses on and off throughout my life. Of course, the galloping across the wild Irish countryside on a beautiful white steed was magnificent. “I had to pretend that I couldn’t ride. I could do all my own stunts because I could ride very well, if I do say so myself.”

But this sort of derring-do didn’t come without consequences. “I did get a fairly large bruise on my leg that didn’t go away for about three months,” Sheridan says. “(It happened) when I’m riding the horse, and I end up falling off near the waterfall.

“In the middle of the scene, I slipped and got a pointy rock in my thigh. The show must go on, so we kept doing it. It is actually the take that’s in the movie. But the rock was huge. It was bigger than a grapefruit and black.”

Asked if the director and producers were concerned, Sheridan says, “At times, they don’t want you to, because they fear for your life. No, no, I should say, they fear for their production time. If it’s the last scene, and they’ve got it in the can, they would probably say, ‘Go ahead, do your stunt,’ but not in the midst of shooting.

“I did have a lovely stunt double, and I made sure she did some stuff so that she’d get her pay. You’ve always got to look out for the fellows you’re working with.”

Sheridan also became a great admirer of young Katie Bannon.

“Oh, my goodness,” she says, “she is so talented. She’s a singer, she plays musical instruments, she’s an artist. She is something to behold. It was the first thing she’d ever done.

“But she had this natural, free-flowing, unaffected truth that came out of her. We had a lot of fun together. She’s an inquisitive, bright, beautiful little thing. Quite adored her.”

Sheridan also became fond of Victoria Smurfit (“Ballykissangel”), the Irish actress who played her best friend. “She is such a lovely human being,” says Sheridan. “She’s so special and so full of light and love. She’s very humorous. I thought she did a wonderful job. She’s a very talented actress.

“She, since then, has come over here (to Los Angeles), and I think she might stay for a while. … Of course, the summer is romancing the Smurfit family.”

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July 30 TCA Pictures & Extra

Wednesday was a busy day for our lady, not only she was at Hallmark’s TCA panel, where she also got a new shoot done, she stopped by The Grove for Mario Lopez’ Extra.

nicollette nicollette nicollette

2011 Summer TCA Tour – Day 1
Set 061
Celebrities Visit Extra

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July 29 Talking Honeymoon

Go around the 1 minute mark and watch Nicollette talking a little bit about her costars.

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July 27 TCA Tour Articles

Since basically all articles about the Hallmark Channel panel will say the same, I’ll make a compilation on this entry.

In Hallmark’s upcoming Honeymoon for One, she’ll work as a work-obsessed ad exec who discovers her fiancé is cheating on her and escapes to Ireland to take their planned honeymoon on her own.

Part of the allure, she says, is that she’s playing a kind person who is blindsided by a bad guy, rather than the bad girl doing the blindsiding. And she gets to ride horses, which is one of her great loves.

“It really is my peace and serenity when I’m out with my horses.”

Peace, she says, was also the rule on the set. On Honeymoon, she played her part, she rode her horse, she did her stunts and, she says, “I didn’t cause any havoc. “

Sheridan stars in Honeymoon for One (9 p.m. Aug. 13) as a woman who dumps her philandering fiancé and then embarks on a solo vacation.

The film shot in Ireland and Sheridan plays a more sympathetic character than Edie Britt.

“Obviously you don’t remember my body of work,” Sheridan said when asked if she enjoyed playing a more sympathetic role. “I have played some nice characters.”

In Honeymoon for One, Sheridan plays an ambitious ad exec who has a fiancé with a roving eye. Heartbroken, she calls off the marriage, but goes on her honeymoon to Ireland anyway, where she meets a handsome Irishman who shows her love, and how to ride a unicorn – oh wait, it’s just a beautiful white horse.

“Hallmark has had some pretty good luck with shooting in Ireland, getting some really good backgrounds,” one critic started to ask the actress. “They’ve got ‘The Cabin’ they shot in Ireland, and they shot –“

“Could you speak English, please?” Sheridan interrupted testily. “I’m having a little difficulty.”

Sheridan, we should note, had started off the Q&A speaking with a bad Irish accent. After that, she reverted back to her “British-born” accent.

Anyway, after letting that critic know who’s who and what’s what with that snide “so hard to understand your American accent” gag, she conceded that Irish countryside “poetry” and “breathtaking.”

The next critic made a Desperate Housewives reference, asking her, “was it a lure to play someone nice for a change?”

“Hahaha,” she laughed haughtily, like a princess laughing at the scullery maid who’d just slipped on a banana peel.

“Well!” Obviously you’re not that familiar with my body of work,” Sheridan snapped. She was ready to rumble.

“I HAVE actually played some nice characters,” she sniffed.

The critic began to grovel apologetically: “Yeah. No. I’m just saying. But most people remember you more recently from Desperate Housewives.”

“Thank you,” Nicolette responded, patronizingly. “Yes, yes. Absolutely. Part of the allure was definitely what a kind individual Eve was, and her struggle with her immersion in her business world and her lack of paying attention to her needs, her sense of self, and her relationship.”

They did, however, wonder whether, when her Hallmark movie airs, how she would use social media to “talk about little things as you’re watching it yourself.”

“You’re stepping into a territory where I’m going to have to admit my ignorance,” Sheridan said.

“You don’t use Twitter?” the blogger asked, incredulously.

Sheridan: “No.”

“Oh. Okay. That’s okay,” the blogger said, condescendingly – evening the score, we think.

Source 1 Source 2 Source 3

Please be patient for pictures, I have a couple of really busy days coming up.

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